In the Marxist tradition, the analysis and critique of imperialism has been closely linked to the analysis and critique of capitalism. Explain and evaluate this link. In your answer, you must draw upon the primary readings by Marx (and Engels, in the case of the Communist Manifesto). You may also draw upon Lenin and/or Robert Young, although this is optional.

Explain the analysis and critique of imperialism

Explain the analysis and critique of capitalism

Explain the link between imperialism and capitalisms analysis and critique.

Through the lens of Marxism

General Advice:

A complete response will need to demonstrate:

  1. A strong understanding of the primary texts from the course. This includes showing your ability to reformulate key insights and arguments in your own words and solidly grounding that reformulation in the texts through effective citation.
  2. An ability to think critically about the arguments presented in those texts. An excellent paper will not merely restate the original authors’ positions, but will also assess its strengths and weaknesses. This means more than simply telling me that you think it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, that you agree or don’t. Rather, it means evaluating what the original argument is trying to accomplish, the worthiness of that objective, and its success in reaching it.


  • This paper should be 4-5 pages in length, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, with standard margins.
  • Please include somewhere in your submission (a cover page or header) your name, my name, the date, the course code, and a title.
  • It is not required, but you are welcome to include discussion of work by other thinkers we discussed in class. You can do this to supplement, but not replace, the analysis of Marx. Any additional secondary sources that are consulted must be cited appropriately. Details on citation are given in a separate information sheet, available on the course canvas.
  • Reminder: this must be an original work prepared for this course. Material that has been handed in for other courses—even if it is your own—is not admissible and constitutes a breach of rules regarding academic integrity.
  • Due in class or handed in to the Political Science main office.

This assignment is worth 20% of your total grade for the co

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