For each of the theories we have covered after liberalism (English School, constructivism, feminism), discuss its contribution to the understanding of international politics. In your opinion, do these approaches have anything in common with each other? Do any of them have anything in common with realism and/or liberalism? Does each of them deal with realism and liberalism at all? If so, how? Which of the three alternative theories do you think contributed the most to your own understanding of international politics? Why?

You should answer the question with specific reference to the authors whose works form the basis of my lectures. While you will not need the books for this, you will need to be able to talk in some detail about specific contributions to the theories. For example, a question might ask you to talk about regional hegemony as discussed by JJ Mearshiemer. Therefore, make sure to take good notes in class and be prepared to ask questions. To score an A on each of these papers, as well as be able to speak in detail about specific concepts discussed in the lecture, you should also be able to give your own opinion about the theories and analyze differences and nuance within theories (e.g the difference between offensive and defensive realism). A small amount of your grade will be about punctuation, spelling, and overall presentation but the main focus of the grade is the detail that you can marshal from our class content to answer the question. While outside resources will be available to you, you should note that the expectation is that you should draw from class material to answer the questions. The authors and books I have selected form a large part of the core of international relations theory and should receive a lot of attention in a class like this one.

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