Environmental Science Essay

1. Choose a topic  on any area of environmental science, you can look through your book for ideas or think of  your own.

2. Find 5 scientific references to read about your topic. These include scientific journals, textbooks, and certain websites, i.e. .gov, .org. Websites that end in .com are not acceptable websites and will not count as a source.

     2.a Your paper should be written in basic research format, introduction, body, conclusion (The example paper provided in the Introduction Module is a longer research paper, but provides a good example for you to follow AND provides the format required for the citations.)

    2b. Be sure to refer to the example paper for formatting and citation help.

3. Your paper should be a full 2-3 pages in length, excluding the reference page.

1. 12 pt font Times New Roman, double spaced, 1 inch margins

2. No title page

3. On first page, upper left corner, single spaced (each of these goes on a separate line): your name, class title, class time, date, professor

4. On the next line, centered, title of your paper (begin double spacing after this line)

5. Your paper should be a full 2-3 pages in length, excluding the reference page.

6. On a new page list your references, using the examples from the “example paper” as a guide. List them alphabetically by first author.

7. Make sure to proofread your paper.

8. Make sure you cite your references within the paper, as shown in the “example paper”. This avoids plagiarism.

9. When writing do not say “According to Dr. Seuss in his book titled On Fish, Two fish, Red Fish Blue Fish from 1960, he found more red fish than blue fish”. INSTEAD, write like this “According to Dr. Seuss (1960) there were more red fish than blue fish”.  If you use the first method, I will deduct points.

11. Grading 30pts total:

General grammar (DO NOT USE CONTRACTIONS) – 5 points

Evidence you learned something from what you read/flow of paper – 10 points (Generally the smoother a paper flows, the more understanding the author has of the topic.)

Proper citations – Reference list: 10 points; In paper citations 5 points (Be sure to look at the example paper for proper formatting. If you have questions ask me).

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