Performance Consulting, Persuasive Communications and Influence – Week 4 Assignment 1

Performance Management and Appreciative Inquiry
After reviewing; The quest for employee voice and the role of Appreciative Inquiry by Bunshaft (2018) and Appreciative Inquiry and the value of conflict by Laarakker, H., & van Kesteren (2019), please develop a 3-4 page summary on Appreciate Inquiry and how the AI process can create a positive culture within performance management. Your summary should include;

·         Discuss the AI Framework core components of; Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny

·         Support your viewpoints on employee motivation factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic, related to the AI framework

·         Identify the potential areas to increase employee engagement, retention, and innovative thinking by using AI

·         Outline two specific examples of how you would resolve conflict by using AI

·         Support your viewpoints on the critical difference between the changes in performance consulting overall from the required reading and a minimum of one outside reference source          

·         Please ensure that your assignment is in proper APA format. Be sure to include citations crediting your research and provide at least one outside resource aside from your current course reading. The assignment is a minimum of 3-4 pages in length and should include real-life scenarios.

Be sure to continue working on your final project this week. Though there is nothing due this week for your project, you should still be putting some time and effort into it so that it does not become overwhelming as you get closer to the final week of the course.

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