Your resources should be the textbook and any other credible written information you would like to read. However, keep your answers based around the class discussion, try not to pull from your own personal experience, but rather what you have learned in this class.

10 points
1. Compare and contrast photovoltaic and solar thermal energy production. Describe how each makes electricity, and describe the pros (good reasons) and cons (downsides of using it) of each method of using the sun to make energy.

10 points
2. Choose one of the three renewable energy sources below, and describe how the method generates electricity or heat, and the positive and negative aspects of the source you choose to discuss.
Wind power
Geothermal power
Hydroelectric power

10 points
3. You are presenting an argument to the Nevada State Legislature regarding storage of nuclear waste in the Yucca Mountain site. Make an argument either for or against the development of this site for storage, using at least three different arguments to sway the legislature toward your opinion.

10 points
4. Describe 3 approaches (make them VERY distinct from each other, no overlap in the ideas) that can be taken to lower the amount of trash deposited in the landfill each day in Las Vegas.

make sure you answer the questions and it does have to be like an essay.

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