Literature suggests how certain traits, personalities, characteristics, or knowledge related to effective leadership.

Additionally, there are research evidence, arguments, and opinions that traits or characteristics might not necessarily guarantee that someone will become an effective leader. The basic idea is that leadership is not about what one possesses or has in terms of traits or characteristics. Instead, it is about what one does with what one has, in the form of actions taken or behaviors displayed. In addition, these actions or behaviors cannot be for personal or selfish reasons but the common good of followers or a larger group.

Understand the difference between traits and behaviors. Traits represent how leaders “are.” Visionary, open-minded, and observant. Behaviors are the actions and activities that demonstrate the traits- of what a leader “does.” Develop mission and strategy, conduct listening sessions, and review robust data. Construct the paper around at least three identifiable traits and demonstrate behaviors.

Use the five-paragraph format: Intro, 3 Body Paragraphs, Conclusion.
Structure per APA format for scholarly papers; include references to support each section. Use in-text citations. Discussing different trait theories can be used for support- not as a section topic.

  1. Identify certain traits and characteristics that are related to effective leadership.
  2. Evaluate and comment on why you think these traits and characteristics will necessarily guarantee effective leadership.
  3. Identify specific behaviors that are associated with the traits and characteristics that were identified and discussed.
  4. Comment on how effective leaders demonstrate these behaviors in complex and simple organizations. Provide detail on specific behaviors that are exhibited.

Please use at least one source/reference from our class book: Principles of Management, OpenStax.

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