Ecological Justice in Various Religious Traditions:  Ecological justice is deeply interwoven with social justice, and no one has emphasized this more powerfully than Pope Francis.  Catholicism is not the only major world religion that teaches reverence for creation.  We survey insights from various world religions to come to a new appreciation of values that we share across faiths and cultures.
Topic: Ecological Justice in Various Religious Traditions

The answer to this assignment should be a minimum of 500 words, but may require more in the range of 750 words:

Explain and discuss this statement, including explaining why it is true: Reverence for creation is an essential component of social justice.

Then, identify, quote, cite, and explain three separate, specific points from Laudato si that illustrate or support this statement.

Islamic Ecotheology:
Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change:
Native American Religions:   Native American – Ecology.pdf Native American – Ecology.pdf – Alternative Formats  
Bahai and Ecology:
 Bahai – Ecology.pdf Bahai – Ecology.pdf – Alternative Formats  
Buddhism and Ecology:
 Buddhism – Ecology.pdf Buddhism – Ecology.pdf – Alternative Formats  
Daoism and Ecology:
Hinduism and Ecology:
 Hindu – Ecology.pdf Hindu – Ecology.pdf – Alternative Formats  
Jainism and Ecology:
 Jainism – Ecology.pdf Jainism – Ecology.pdf – Alternative Formats  
Sikhism and Ecology:
Taoism & Confucianism:   Taoism, Confucianism – Ecology.pdf 

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