Create a step-by-step instructional PowerPoint slide for other nurses. The primary purpose of the pamphlet is to list the strategies a nurse must complete before performing a comprehensive physical exam of the ears.

2-3 references, 2 references are to be from the following books: Story, L. (2022). Pathophysiology: A Practical Approach. (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett.

Rhoads, J. & Demler, T. (2021). Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning. (4th
ed.). Jones & Bartlett.

The 3rd reference should be a scholarly reference.

The subject is hearing loss: talk about symptoms and when they started, is it in one ear or both ears. Talk about the whisper test, weber test, and rinne test, etc. All the steps the nurse/Physician would do before they perform the ear exam.

Initial Post should be 400 words.

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