Do Politics Bias Science?

 Politics in the past has meddled with the direction of scientific inquiry and the conclusions drawn by those in power. Are there issues prominent in today’s press for which solid scientific evidence is ignored for political or economic reasons (e.g. global warming). Discuss examples. Do you think that bias or desire for a particular result renders a person incapable of recognizing the facts or do you think people ignore facts for personal gain? (at least 100 words)

Evolution or Diffusion?

Do you think that cultural evolution or diffusion is the major impetus of culture change today? Discuss and provide examples that support your position. (at least 100 words)

You and Your Stuff

Consider the materials you have been discarding, the items you use, wear and own. What sorts of things would an archaeologists infer from these materials? Do you think  your stuff represent the real you? (50 to 100 words)

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