Research the following cultures:

  1. Caucasian and White Ethnic Culture
  2. Hispanic or Latino/a Culture
  3. Native American and Alaskan Culture
  4. African American Culture
  5. Asian American Culture
  6. Pacific Islander Culture
  7. Gender Equality and Culture
  8. Disability and Culture
  9. Any cultural group of personal interest (optional)

For groups 1 through 6 above, analyze the following aspects of the culture:

  • Nature and the environment (live in “harmony with” or have “mastery over”)
  • Typical time orientation (how time is perceived and experienced)
  • Representative activity and work (doing; being-in-becoming)
  • Views of human nature (inherently good, bad, both, or somewhere in between)
  • People relations (individual or collective)
  • Language
  • Literature/folk tales/art/music
  • Religion/spirituality and celebrations
  • Forms of entertainment (including music, diet, and foods)
  • Typical clothing
  • Marriage, family relationships, and parenting
  • Gender roles
  • Education
  • Forms of government
  • Additional findings of your choice

For your analysis of groups 7 and 8, focus on gender and disability issues from your own cultural affiliation as identified in GACB 2300.1. If you have opted to research an additional cultural group of personal interest, address it as appropriate, using your own judgment to select from the listed criteria.

Synthesize your discoveries into a 300–400 word overview of each culture, with an emphasis on the cultural differences. Include graphics (photographs, maps, charts, illustrations, artifacts, architecture, etc.) to illustrate the diversity of cultures. Conclude each summary with a brief discussion of any difficult diversity differences that exist and how those differences might impact one’s life.

Word doc
APA Style
Length: 14 (including graphics and citations page)

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