The gospel is good news. Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried, and rose again, that you might be saved. Learning how a person can become a follower of Christ is important. But people have various beliefs regarding that gospel message, and some have real barriers with accepting it based upon their upbringing and life experiences. After reading The Gospel Message article in Module 4: Week 4, you will answer the following questions. These questions must be answered in separate paragraphs.

  1. What are various beliefs regarding the gospel message in our culture?
  2. What are some specific emotional reasons non-Christians do not accept Christ as Savior?
  3. What are some specific moral reasons non-Christians do not accept Christ as Savior?
  4. What are some specific intellectual reasons non-Christians do not accept Christ as Savior?
  5. What are some apologetic methods Christians can share to address these reasons and better communicate the gospel message?

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