Discussion Technology for Inclusive Learning

It is important to assess the needs of learners and make the learning environment (bedside, unit, classroom, simulation center and/or online) inclusive for all learners. 

Step 1:

View these WebAim YouTube videos about experiences with learning accessibility and include a reflection within your initial post. 

Step 2: 

Examine Americans with DisabilitiesLinks to an external site. Section 504 and ADA requirements as they apply to education.Links to an external site.

View Quality Matters is a good resource, but there are many, many, many sources on the web. So, enjoy exploring this topic.

IMPORTANT: Include a response to these videos within your initial post. 

Step 3:

Initial First Post due on FRIDAY 

Discussion Prompt:

Healthcare educators are required to be aware of the difficulties some individuals encounter when accessing technological programs, such as the web, and other online teaching platforms. Were you surprised of what you learned from the videos? 

What needs to be considered when creating an inclusive learning environment for all people from all cultures? What resources did you find to make learning environments more accessible and inclusive?

How does the Americans with Disabilities Act protect Individuals? 

Step 4:

Discussion closes on Sunday at midnight. 

Respond to a minimum of one peer’s post and convey access to and reflection on the videos, readings, and resources (ADA). Respond to the post below and not just agree with the post.


Discussion: Week 3

Were you surprised by what you learned from the videos? 

The videos included in this week’s lessons were not that surprising but definitely eye opening. Of course I realized that each student or learner may have challenges or barriers to learning, but I failed to truly understand the magnitude of what a student with a learning difficulty may encounter. One of the students in the included videos was hearing impaired and when I put myself into his perspective, I realized how difficult learning may be for him and other learners with learning difficulties. For example, a lot of instructional videos posted online for classes or courses may be videos he can watch, but the narration (which is half the lecture) he misses completely. As educators, it is important we try to implement new technologies and strategies to ensure who we are teaching has unlimited resources on what is being taught and that we have inclusive options. 

What needs to be considered when creating an inclusive learning environment for all people from all cultures?  What resources did you find to make learning environments more accessible and inclusive?

Educators and presenters need to be familiar with who they are educating and need to fully understand their needs and challenges to succeed at making an inclusive learning environment. In the source “Quality Matters”, the video goes over a non-profit organization that uses a rubric to see how inclusive online courses are when regarding education. This organization gives areas to focus on and improve for educators and includes 8 general standards. According to Cambridge (2018), establishing an inclusive atmosphere would benefit not just students with learning disabilities, but also students who do not have learning differences by making them more aware, tolerant, and understanding of one another (Cambridge, 2018). Another resource to enhance learning environments is closed captioning, online courses, text-to-speech, FM systems and other mobility tools. For example, closed captions enable deaf or hard of hearing learners to interact with video and audio content. Online courses can benefit learners who suffer from anxiety, PTSD, and other comparable conditions since it allows them to socialize with their peers without worry or dread. Lastly, Etvision (2020) states that not every assistive technology is high-tech and expensive, making it easier for schools to acquire large numbers. For learners with physical limitations, examples include book holders, and automated page turners. Several page-turners are even designed to function in tandem with a sip-and-puff machine, foot pedal, or voice-activated device (Etvision, 2020).

How does the Americans with Disabilities Act protect Individuals? 

The Americans with Disabilities Act forbids disability discrimination in a variety of settings, including employment, transportation, federal facilities, communications, and access to state and local government services and programs (U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, 2022). This act protects and ensures that every disabled person has equal opportunity and rights and is not excluded from any opportunity or resource. 


Unlu, V. (2022, March 23). How to create an inclusive classroom environment: Cambridge English. World of Better Learning | Cambridge University Press. Retrieved March 3, 2023, from https://www.cambridge.org/elt/blog/2017/11/15/create-inclusive-classroom-environment/ 

Mauro, T. (2020, May 28). 6 accessible classroom tech resources for Inclusive Education. Empowerment Through Integration. Retrieved March 3, 2023, from https://www.etivision.org/blog-with-us/6-accessible-classroom-tech-resources-for-inclusive-education 

Americans with disabilities act. DOL. (n.d.). Retrieved March 3, 2023, from https://www.dol.gov/general/topic/disability/ada#:~:text=The%20Americans%20with%20Disabilities%20Act,local%20government’%20programs%20and%20services. 

Kirkwood, T. L. T. (2015). Quality Matters. YouTube. Retrieved February 26, 2023, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=t1I5sAjTteA&embeds_euri=https%3A%2F%2Fscf.instructure.com%2Fcourses%2F50077%2Fdiscussion_topics%2F486975%3Fmodule_item_id%3D2911818&feature=emb_logo. 

Smith, J. (2012, July 31). Keeping accessibility in mind. Video. [YouTube]. 

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