Week 5’s readings all focus on the intersection of technology and leadership. Information technology has continued to shape society and organizations in the latter half of the 20th century, but especially in last two decades with the proliferation of mobile computing, smartphones, the internet, and social media. After reviewing this week’s readings, reflect on:

a) how technology is shaping your organization and the leadership of your organization;
b) how you anticipate technology will shape leadership in the future in your organization; and
c) how can leadership models and theories be adapted to account for the role of technology.

Use specific examples, where possible, of present and future impacts or how leadership theories and models can be adapted.


-Include citations and references. Using additional sources will assist you to maximize your grade (e.g., multiple chapters from the class text, or additional sources besides the class text).

– your initial post should be around 300-400 words

– Cite your sources in at least 2 posts and provide a reference list (only required in discussions for sources besides the class text).

– Use additional sources to maximize your grade

– Demonstrate critical thinking in your posts

– Proofread and spell check

[Note to writer: These are the books required for the entire course]

  • Seemiller, C. & Grace, M. (2016).  Generation Z Goes to College. San Francisco, California: Jossey-Bass.  ISBN-13: 9781119143451. 


[Note to writer: These are this week’s required readings. They may not necessarily be all relevant to the book review assignment]

Required Readings:  

  • Davidson, C.N. (2017). The New Education: How to Revolutionize the University to Prepare Students for a World In Flux. Chapters 1-8.
  • Swanger, D. (2018). The Future of Higher Education in the U.S.: Issues Facing Colleges and their Impacts on Campus, pages 14-18.

Required Resources:

Recommended Readings:

  • Selingo, J.J. College Unbound: The Future of Higher Education and What it Means for Students. Amazon Publishing; Reprint edition. ISBN-13: 978-1477800744

Recommended Resources:

[Note to writer: This assignment is writing a REPLY to two Discussions from classmates 150 -200 words each. Below, please find: 1. Instruction of the discussion replies, 2. The discussion Question itself, 3. The two Posts that need a reply. You have done the original post for this assignment. Please try to be less critical and more positive. Focus on the positive contribution of the student by acknowledging them in the reply and not focus on the deficiencies of the student. You can ADD ideas to the student’s post without being highly critical in a nice way if that is needed.

Instruction to Discussion Replies

Reply to at least two of your colleagues’ posts (150 – 200 words each). Include citations and references. Using additional sources will assist you to maximize your grade (e.g., multiple chapters from the class text, or additional sources besides the class text). Please provide comprehensive responses and keep comments focused on the discussion topic. To receive full credit, postings need to be thoughtful; that is, they need to address the topic at hand, and include personal related experiences, references to the readings, relevant issues in the news, information obtained from other sources, or ideas expressed in the postings of other classmates, as appropriate. Comments such as, “I agree,” or “Nice job,” do not count.

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