This week, I want you to combine and connect the ideas from the two core readings and your chosen additional reading. Specifically, you should answer the following questions:

  1. Imagine you’re telling your friend or family member about this class. What do you feel like is the reading or idea that had the biggest impact on you? Explain that reading/idea as if you’re talking to your friend, and why you feel it is important/challenging/meaningful. 
  2. Explain what you think a sexually liberated future looks like, using at least 1 of the readings from this week (core or additional). How is this vision for the future different than the present? What kinds of change needs to happen to get there?

When you answer what kind of change needs to happen, please go beyond answers like, “people need to be more accepting/have more open minds.” While true, how do we get there? What structural and interpersonal actions need to be taken to (1) get people to that acceptance and (2) remove structural barriers like racism, patriarchy, ableism, and so on that stifle sexual revolution?

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