This week we covered the topics of conflict prevention, 3rd party interventions and ethics of intervention. Please answer the below questions with reference to the lectures, readings and the recent developments on specific cases. Please conduct an additional research if you are not aware of the cases much.

In May 2018, the Trump Administration had withdrawn from the P5+1 Nuclear Deal that had been signed with Iran during the Obama Administration. Do you think that the deal is renegotiable? Do you think that 3rd party intervention would be a good idea in potential renegotiations? If yes, which country or organization could be the 3rd party? Why? As a student of international conflict resolution, what would be your suggestions to the 3rd Party in this mediation process?
The economic and political tensions between the US and China seem evident and as some says these tensions could potentially escalate into armed conflict in the near future. Do you think a threat of conflict between the US and China is preventable? How? 
From ethics of intervention perspective, do you think that the U.S. ( unilaterally) or a multinational coalition should intervene in Venezuela? If yes, how can this intervention be legitimized? If no, do you think that a 3rd party intervention may work between the government and the opposition to find a solution?

Please refer to the lectures, readings and external research

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