In this assignment, you are to answer the below questions and respond to your group members with substantive feedback. This is a group discussion.

Case Study 1 (Approximately 1 Page)

John has noticed that the students at City College who spend more time in volunteer work seem to be happier and more satisfied with their lives than those who don’t. He talked with some of his friends at the college who did volunteer work and they agreed that they felt happier and more satisfied with their lives because through volunteer work they were able to give something back to the community.

After talking with his friends about this and reading a bit about volunteer work and life satisfaction, it also seemed that more of his male friends told him that they were happier with their lives because they did volunteer work than his female friends. After reading articles in some journals about the role volunteer work plays in an individual’s life, John began to wonder if doing volunteer work was related to how satisfied people were with their lives. He decided to design a study to find out if this was true.


Post an initial response to all of the questions below. Note that in several of the questions a case can be made for more than one answer. Your answer should not simply be “quantitative,” but also include a complete explanation for why you believe that to be the case. Your peers may have a different perspective on the case and be able to justify their answers. In the end, these perspectives will help you all to better understand the components of research. Approach the viewpoints with an open mind. Give each other constructive feedback and critique the reasonableness of the varied arguments.


1. Should John take a quantitative or qualitative approach to his study? Why?

2. Using the purpose statement script in Chapter 4, write a purpose statement for John’s study.

3. Using the script in Chapter 4, write a descriptive research question for John’s study.4. What relationship is John trying to test in his study?

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