The Unit Six Assignment specifically addresses the following Learning Outcome:

  • Discuss how employees determine whether the organization treats them fairly

Unit Six Assignment

Because of the critical financial and personal risk associated with employee dismissal, one can easily see why organizations must develop a standardized, systematic approach to discipline and discharge. These decisions should not be left solely to the discretion of individual managers or supervisors. Policies that can lead to employee separation should be based on principles of justice and law, and they should allow for various ways to intervene.

People’s perception of outcome fairness depend on their judgment that the consequences to an employee are just. Procedural justice is a judgment that fair methods were used to determine the consequence an employee receives. Interactional justice is a judgment that the organization carried out actions in a way that took the employee’s feelings into account. 

Consider the following scenario and respond to the questions that follow. A member of the restaurant’s serving staff is chronically late to work. From the organization’s point of view, what fairness issues are involved in deciding how to handle the situation? In what ways might the employee’s and other servers’ ideas of fairness be different?  Support the responses with at least three citations from the reputable sources. 

Now, develop a formal discipline policy to help the organization address issues of fairness. Once the policy is developed, justify the policy with facts and solid reasoning, being careful to make a clear connection between the policy and fairness. 

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