Please pick only 4 of the essay questions below. Each essay question must be 500 words and the answer must be 90% original content. Only one scholarly source per question. Answers must be persuasive. Thank you!

How has the Internet altered the way in which newspapers present news? How are print newspapers responding to the decline of subscribers and the rise of online readers? Support your discussion with reliable sources.

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2.  How has Digital Media influenced (or changed) the field of education? Include a historical (before and after the digital media) and global perspective (include discussion of the US and at least two additional countries). Include whether the change has been positive, negative, or both.  Support your discussion with reliable data.

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3.  How has “fake news” come to exist and spread so rapidly? Why do you think this happens?  How is “fake news” harmful? What are the long- and short-term effects and consequences of being a consumer of “fake news”? How does it affect each of us? How can we, as consumers and sharers of news, learn to identify potential “fake news” stories? Support your discussion with reliable sources.

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