It is clear WHO is writing this proposal   
It is clear WHAT the proposal is about   
It is clear WHAT the solution is   
It is clear HOW MUCH is wanted   
Situation AnalysisYesNoComments
The overall issue (the WHAT IS) is clearly identified   
The quantitative data supports the issue (the WHAT IS)   
The qualitative data (stories) provides the emotional tie to the issue (the WHAT IS)   
It is clear what the grantee (WHO is writing) is doing now on the issue   
It is clear WHAT others are doing now on the issue   
It is clear WHY the opportunity or need still exists (the WHY)   
The final paragraph clearly articulates a need (wraps up the Situation Analysis) and introduces the Solution   
  Would the grant committee care enough about this issue as presented to continue reading?  Why or why not?        
The objectives are in priority order   
There is a clear link between the objectives and items mentioned in the Situation Analysis   
The objectives are measurable   
Numbers (and percentages if applicable) are present and tied to items in Situation Analysis   
The overall Solution (the WHAT COULD BE) is clearly identified (the big picture)   
Each part of the Solution (the WHAT COULD BE) is explained in detail   
There is a direct tie to an objective from each part of the Solution   
It is clear that the grantee (WHO is writing) has the expertise and credibility to implement the Solution   
There is information that relates the problem and solution to the grant description   
The solution is sustainable   
The final paragraph clearly articulates the overall Solution, the costs and includes a statement of benefits (The WHAT COULD BE is powerfully explained)   

From your perspective, is the solution as outlined in the proposal desirable for the constituency, financially viable for the amount of money being asked for and feasible (the organization has the capability to do it)? Explain: 

Technical PlanYesNoComments
The steps listed in the technical plan are linked to the Solution   
The date and timeline make sense (it starts after receiving the grant)   
WHO from the organization and WHAT they are to do is clearly identified   
Costs (HOW MUCH) are identified and differentiated (i.e. start up) if applicable   
Summarizes why this Solution is the best one to target this problem or opportunity (The WHAT COULD BE)   
Shows how the Solution makes an impact   
Clearly states a call to action (what is the grant committee to do) and reiterates the costs. Again, the WHAT COULD BE is highlighted.    

Finally, if you were the grant committee with a large number of requests for limited funds, would you fund this proposal? Why or why not?

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