The essay question posed is the following –

Describe and analyse the challenges and opportunities of the global city? Use examples and academic literature to support your argument

Some general points on the coursework assignment

  • Ensure your essay introduction states clearly how you will be addressing the essay question, including what your central argument is.
  • Use the Library Search function to find journal articles that are relevant to your essay – this will increase the strength of the argument you are trying to make.
  • Essays must be word-processed (font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing preferred). You must also include your final word count on the front page.
  • References must be given where the work of other authors is used or quoted. Use Harvard referencing format. Do not use footnotes for referencing.
  • Quotations: You are advised to use quotations sparingly and only when relevant to enhance your own argument. You must provide page numbers when using direct quotations! They should never exceed 10% of the total volume of finished work. 
  • A reference list of all works consulted must be provided at the end of your essay. 5% will automatically be deducted from your mark if you fail to provide a reference list. Websites consulted must be fully referenced including date of access.
  • Make sure your essay has a clear structure and argument, and that this is clearly stated in the introduction to your essay and evaluated in your conclusion.
  • Be critical about the ideas you are using, i.e. reflect on how different theorists interpret space, comparing theorists’ ideas and show your view on what feels accurate to you.
  • Remember that an argument must be a statement that can be agreed or disagreed with – the presenting of your argument should shape the structure of your essay.

Assessment Criteria

Your essay will be marked according to the following criteria:

  • Content/Information: discussion of relevant concepts, theories; appropriate evidence used; recognition of broader context of debates.
  • Quality of argument/critical analysis
  • Structure of argument: clear overall structures; use of linking sentences; argument flows.
  • Quality of writing: Ideas are expressed clearly using grammatical sentences; appropriate academic style.
  • Referencing: reference list is complete; sources cited properly; websites properly referenced.

Essential reading

Jones, A. (2014) Economic Globalization. In: Cloke et al (eds) Introducing Human Geographies: Third Edition  

Further Reading

Allen, J (2010) ‘The City and Finance: changing landscapes of power’ in Coe, N and Jones, A. (eds) The Economic Geography of the UK: Sage

Crang, P., Dwyer, C. and Jackson, P. (2003) Transnationalism and the spaces of commodity culture. Progress in Human Geography, 27(4):438-456

Dicken, P (2011) Global Shift: The Internationalisation of Economic Activity: 6th  Edition, Paul Chapman, London, Chapter 13

Goss, J. (2004) Geography of consumption I. Progress in Human Geography, 28(3):369-380

Hamnett, C (1995) ‘Controlling space: global cities’ in J. Allen and C. Hamnett (Eds) A Shrinking World? Global Unevenness and Inequality: Oxford University Press, Oxford

Knox, P. L. (1995) ‘World cities and the organisation of global space’ in Johnston, R. J., Taylor, P. J. and Watts, M. J. (Eds) Geographies of Global Change: Blackwell, Oxford

Sassen, S (1999) ‘Place and Production in the Global Economy’ in Bryson J. et al The Economic Geography Reader: Wiley, New York

Watts, M. (2014) Commodities. In: Cloke et al (eds) Introducing Human Geographies: Third Edition.

Purcell, T., Martinez‐Esguerra, E. and  N. Fernandez (2018) The Value of Rents: Global Commodity Chains and Small Cocoa Producers in Ecuador. Antipode, 50(3).

Barnett, Cloke, Clarke and Malpass, Alice (2005). Consuming ethics: Articulating the subjects and spaces of ethical consumption. Antipode, 37(1) pp. 23–45.

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