Task: baking healthy and delicious oat cookies

Purpose: to show the audience how to perfectly bake healthy and nutritious out cookies

Audience: English 146Professor


Attention Getter: There is nothing better that devouring a delicious and Gooey cookie without feeling guilty about it being unhealthy.

Thesis Statement: It is so easy and simple to bake oat cookies that satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

Sentence of Method: all you have to do is follow the recipe step by step to end up with a highly addictive delight.


Preheat the ovenPreheat the oven at 170° c
1 ¼ cup of barley flourMake sure that the flour that you are using is barley flour, so you can make the cookies as nutritious as possible.
1 tsp. of baking sodaThe baking soda is mixed with the barley flour, salt and cinnamon.
½ tsp. of saltSalt is crucial for balancing the sweetness of the cookies.
½ of cinnamon powderCinnamon is optional because some people don’t like it, but it adds an amazing flavor to the cookies.
¾ cup of white sugarThe white sugar is mixed separately with brown sugar.
¾ cup of brown sugarThe sugar mixture is then combined with the eggs, vanilla, and the flour mixture.
2 sticks of butterThe butter should be at room temperature.
2 eggs and 1 tsp. vanillaThe eggs and vanilla always come hand in hand in baking because the vanilla gets rid of the bad smell of the eggs.
 3 cups of oatsAdd the oats, mix very well, and make round pieces with the use of gloves. After that, put the cookies on an ungreased, parchment paper lined baking tray with 4 cm distance between each cookie. Lay the tray in the oven for 7 minutes.


Transition+ Thesis Statement:

With everything mentioned, now you should have figured out how to bake the best oat cookies ever.

Restatement of Main Points:

When you follow the recipe precisely, you will easily achieve that perfect and nutrient dense oat cookies that you always craved.


Believe me, you will be baking this every week when you realize how tasty those cookies are.

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