This assignment relates to course outcome 5: Debate the global historical context and basic legal standards governing professional practice by physicians and other healthcare professions. Reviewing codes of ethics that differ between disciplines can help with conflict resolution and your understanding of practices across the broad scope of healthcare. 

Produce a 5-9 minute video presentation using the directions below. Please be concise because you and your classmates will review all videos in the next discussion. To complete this assignment, you will need to choose your profession. Your instructor will share the process with you for choosing. This is an individual project, and everyone must choose a different profession. 

Your assignment is due on Wednesday this week.

  1. Choose one specific health profession, except for nursing, for this assignment. Given the importance and scope of nursing, everyone is assigned to read the Nursing Code, but the video presentation must be about another discipline. We’re all going to talk about nursing.

Do independent research into the ethical standards and principles that govern that discipline. Start with its Code of Ethics, which you can find in the class readings this week. Everyone is required to read the Nursing Code of Ethics this week as a comparison to other healthcare-related professions. 

Review the slides in this week’s PowerPoint

For your assignment and discussion this week, you will read another profession’s code of ethics and create a video. Below is a list of ethics to choose from. Before you start reading, you will need to go to the “People” tab in Canvas and assign yourself to the profession that you want to use for the assignment. See the Code of Ethics Analysis for Different Healthcare Disciplines assignment instructions for more details. 

Clinical Practitioners:

  2. In your video, describe the guiding principles and some distinctive provisions of the ethical foundation for the profession you have selected. In addition, consider the guiding prompts below. These are just some prompts to generate ideas. They’re not checkboxes. It will be challenging to keep these short; it’s understood that they can’t be comprehensive.
    1. Is there something in the origin or history of this discipline that has an ethical component?
    2. Does this discipline have unique rules or standards that contrast with or extend those of other disciplines?
    3. What are some specific privileges, practices, or responsibilities of this discipline that set it apart from others?
    4. Are there internal ethical controversies or problems within this discipline that arise from its particular services or expectations?
  3. Keep track of any references you use. You will post these in the discussion. 

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