Assignment Instructions

You will create a customized workout program according to the knowledge you have gained during this course. Revisit the self-assessment survey you completed at the beginning of this course to help you create an individualized program that compliments your previously stated fitness goals. The customized program you create should also encompass your SOMATOTYPE. Information on Somatotypes can be found in on this week’s required reading assignments as well as reading assignments from previous weeks.

The goals of your customized workout program should be clearly identified, meaning you should specify if your program is designed to add muscle mass, lose or gain weight, and/or maintain your current physique.

Your program should be created for a four-week period and should include a daily diet (Your diet should have some variation from day to day – or at least meal to meal. This means that you will want to include 3 meals a day, 7 days a week over a four week period. If you simply list a meal plan for the week and write “Repeat for four weeks” you are going to lose points. See the meal grid template under Supporting Materials below.

You need to include at least three meals a day for each day of the week. You can have more than three meals if you want but again – three is the minimum amount.  I do not want to see you copying and pasting the same meal for each day.  In addition to what appears in your textbook, you can find some excellent workout programs by reviewing the websites under this week’s required reading. Remember that this single assignment counts towards 15% of your final grade. Include as much detail as possible. An example of a customized workout can be found under the Supporting Materials below. You are encouraged to pattern your assignment after this example to help you earn the highest possible score.

READ THIS: This assignment MUST be submitted in Word Format. Copying and pasting text into the submission box will result in a 0 score

Week #7 Customized Workout PlanMaximum Points
Accurately identified personal goal for created workout plan5
Identified Body-Type (Somatotype)5
Created customized 4 week exercise plan40
Created customized 4 week meal plan40
Used correct spelling, grammar, professional vocabulary and format10

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