Utilize the scoring rubric (below) as you develop your presentation.  The various points in each content category demonstrate whether you addressed this in your presentation thoroughly (6), partially addressed it (3) or did not address it (0).  This scale also applies to the Professionalism Content area (with points 0, 5 and 10 pts possible in this area).

Title of Presentation:  (insert here)

Student Name:  (insert here)

80 points possible for presentation

                          (Choose from one of three choices of points earned for each category below):


  • Discussed the Following Content  (60 points –  points each)
  • Introduces topic with learning objectives        (0)  (3)  (6)
  • Introduces a hypothetical character which adds interest (attracts audience with a human interest angle, yet emphasizes facts of the culture/sub-culture)     (0)  (3)  (6)
  • Relevant background regarding living conditions of culture/sub-culture     (0)  (3)  (6)
  • Population statistics of culture/sub-culture   (0)  (3)  (6)
  • Health statistics of culture/sub-culture    (0)  (3)  (6)
  • Health issues of culture/sub-culture    (0)  (3)  (6)
  • Cultural/sub-cultural definition of health and illness   (0)  (3)  (6)
  • Health care opportunities and barriers faced by culture/sub-culture    (0)  (3)  (6)
  • Recommendations for provision of culturally competent health care among this culture/sub-culture  (0)  (3)  (6)
  • In-text citations throughout presentation and full references at the end of presentation, including use of interview/video of subject from or related to chosen culture/sub-culture   (0)  (3)  (6)

Explain with detail why you scored as you did:________________________

  • Professionalism: (20 points)
  • Accurate, creative, image-rich      (0)  (5)  (10)
  • Clear communication – understandable and compelling    (0)  (5)  (10)
  • Points will be deducted for not meeting college writing standards (poor or confusing

                    sentence structure, text-speak, grammatical or spelling errors, etc).
              Explain with detail why you scored as you did: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________

TOTAL PRESENTATION:  ____ /80 points

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