Instructions and Grading Critique for the Article Review

Purpose of the assignment: To critique a research article related to the topic of developing a clinical instrument and the process of establishing face and content validity.


  • After reading the article, address the criteria noted in the table.
  • Paper limited to 5 double-spaced pages, excluding title page and references.
  • Follow APA (7th ed.) formatting guidelines for the paper, citations, and references.
  • Paper must be uploaded into Canvas in Word format.

Article for this assignment:

Hurwitz, B., & Altmiller, G. (2021). Content validation for an emergency department fall risk assessment instrument. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 35(5), 233-237.

Criteria to be addressed in paperPoints Possible
Rationale for Development of a New Instrument   Describe how the authors presented the problem and rationale for the need to develop a new instrument. (15 points)What other fall risk assessment instruments already exist that could be used in this patient population? The authors discuss some possible instruments. Briefly discuss these instruments presented in the paper. (15 points)Based on what the authors presented, do you think a new fall risk assessment is needed for ED patients? (5 points)  35
Designing the Instrument   Describe how the authors created the initial items to be included in the first draft of the instrument. (10 points)How did the authors establish face validity? Review the definition of face validity in your textbook. (10 points)How did the authors establish content validity? Who were the experts? (10 points)How did the authors calculated the content validity index (CVI) and interpret of the results? (10 points)  40
  Case Study   Use the Hurwitz Fall Risk Assessment Instrument (Figure on page 235) and assess the fall risk in this ED patient.   A 70 y.o. female presented to the ED with shortness of breath, fever, diarrhea. T 101.4, HR 90, RR 28, BP 130/88, SpO2 93. Alert and oriented X 3; follows instructions. Able to ambulate without assistance and complains of intermittent dizziness. Patient has a history of hypertension and takes olmesartan 20mg daily. Other meds include Synthroid 125mcg daily. Patient had a root canal yesterday and taking Percocet 2.5mg/325mg; 2 tablets every 6 hours. Last dose was 2 hours ago. Patient states current mouth/jaw pain level is 2. No other pain reported. Last episode of diarrhea was 1 hour ago. Denies use of other meds, drugs, and alcohol and no signs of intoxication/substance abuse. No history of fall in past 3 months. Rapid COVID test negative. Influenza test positive. Patient does not have IV or other equipment attached at time of assessment.   Calculate a Total Score for this patient using the Hurwitz Fall Risk Assessment Instrument. (5 points)What fall prevention bundle do you recommend? (5 points)Did you notice any issues using the new instrument and interpreting the score you calculated? (5 points)    15
Summary In your opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this instrument? (10 points)  10
Required paper presentation and format: APA (7th ed.) formatting guidelines followed.Relevant, appropriate, and current references are used.Paper is grammatically correct (i.e., correct spelling, sentence structure, and grammar.)Points deducted for errors and not following instructions.    Points deducted for errors

Final Grade:_________


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