The written critical statement

The aim of this assessment is to enable you to demonstrate your ability to market yourself as a newly qualified dietitian in a competitive job market. 

This piece of coursework will assess your abilities in the following learning outcomes:

1.  Critically evaluate own unique selling point, development needs and generate a personal development portfolio to market themselves in a competitive workplace (Video)

2.  Critically evaluate the role of a newly qualified dietitian in different settings

3.  Critically analyse examples of good practice in non-judgement, anti-discriminatory practice in multi-disciplinary practice settings (Statement)


You are a newly qualified dietitian. You decide to apply for the advertised job position of a ‘Nutrition Expert’ at a large UK supermarket chain. The job advert outlines that this is a new post and the person specification for this job stipulates that the candidate “must have an interest in nutrition” as an essential criterion and a “hold a nutrition qualification” as a desirable criterion. You are the only qualified dietitian to be shortlisted for an interview.

Critical statement Wordcount: 1,000 (+10%) for the report (excluding references, title page, tables and appendices)

  1. Convince the potential employer that you would adhere to the company’s core values of a non-judgement and anti-discrimination by providing a personalised written critical statement

Rubric Marking Scheme

The material is detailed, accurate, and relevant. The entirety of what is written is analytical, evaluative, and critical. An excellent understanding of the topic is demonstrated with an application of theory to practice. Arguments are fully and well-articulated, supported by a critical evaluation and discussion of how the student will adhere to the company’s core values of non-judgement and anti-discrimination. Clearly and succinctly written. A confident, convincing, and authoritative piece of work.  Demonstrates creativity and originality in the selection and presentation of a wide range of evidence. Provides thorough critical analysis of evidence used and the evidence is relevant and relatable to the arguments made. Correct referencing format used in-text and in the reference list. The work is written with no grammatical nor expression errors. Word choice and terminology are used correctly.   

The written critical statement on how you would adhere to the company’s core values of non-judgement and anti-discrimination must be presented in the style of a report. Your written critical statement should:

  • Be written in the first-person and to an academic standard
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of non-judgement and anti-discriminatory practice
  • Demonstrate understanding of key guidance relating to non-judgement and anti-discriminatory practice
  • Discuss the consequences of judgement and discrimination, supported by relevant evidence
  • Provide 2 explicit and coherent examples of how you would ensure your practice is non-judgemental and anti-discriminatory (core values – critically appraise how I practice in such ways ‘’I’ve already done this when…’’
  • Include evidence from a wide range of sources that is appropriately referenced using Coventry University guidance
  • A higher-level answer will be explicitly linked to the job role and will demonstrate critical thinking

My notes:

An example of anti discriminatory practice  could be a digital infographic I designed during my second year Placement which had to be inclusive for all viewers. Had to consider the service users age, education level, language, disability.
– could link with Equality Act, health and digital literacy, HCPC Governing Body for Dietitians.

An example of non judgemental practice could be anything to do with the LGBT community, religion, age, race ect. Can be work related or personal

-include my awareness of unconscious bias and how I take this into account 

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