Discussion_4 – Creating Value During Unprecedented Times

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Creating Value During Unprecedented Times:

Over the last several months, in a Covid-19 economy, which companies have made the most significant and successful response(s) and adaptation(s) to their goods and services, and how? Which companies do you believe have failed to adequately respond and adapt? 

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Discussion_5 – Product Positioning

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After viewing the short video, The Tactics of Successful Branding Links to an external site. share your opinion on what they were trying to convey with regard to branding.

Case Study_2: “Japan’s Rise and Fall in the Global Electronics Market”

The following Case Study is comprised of three Wall Street Journal articles concerning Samsung’s rise in the consumer electronics industry. The case study encompasses a lot of the topics covered in the course, as well as serving as a practice round for your Final Project. This assignment will test the individual student’s  ability to apply course materials and concepts, into a plausible global marketing solution. 

Read the following 3-part Case Study: “Japan’s Rise and Fall in the Global Electronics Market Download Japan’s Rise and Fall in the Global Electronics Market

Answer the following questions:

  1. What factors have led to Japan’s electronics companies to lose their competitiveness against their international counterparts? Explain.
  2. How has Samsung risen from an obscure South Korean company, to a global, dominant force in the electronics industry? In other words, what internal & external factors have led to its growth? 
  3. Why have Japanese smartphones not been able to compete against the likes of Apple’s and Samsung’s? Explain.
  4. How can Japanese electronics companies regain their competitiveness in the industry? Pick one Japanese electronics Company of your choice, and discuss their current product offerings & strategy(ies), and present a 1-page-minimum proposal for future products/strategies in order to remain competitive, or regain competitiveness.

To help you complete the above Case Study, please refer to the Case Study Instructions page, which will help you reading, understanding, researching, and ultimately providing solutions to the questions. 

Case Study requirements:

  • Title Page
  • Minimum of 3 pages or more, double-spaced, Font 12, Arial or TimesNewRoman
  • References page containing a minimum of 5 additional References (excluding the already-provided WSJ articles)
  • Turn-it-In enabled. Do not plagiarize. 

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