Assignment type: Individual report of 3000 words, submitted online

Students will be required to assess market opportunities, select appropriate options to pursue, create a target market strategy and develop a marketing plan. A report style of writing is required which, if you are not clear what this means, please ask your tutor.

Assessment Task

You will be writing a marketing plan for a brand chosen from a selection identified by the module leader. The marketing plan should be written and presented in a formal, business style using the template provided at the end of this brief. The plan should be for one year.

You can select the UK or an overseas market when writing your plan.

Although this is a business document, you must fully justify and support your choices, arguments, conclusions and recommendations within your marketing plan, by making reference to appropriate theory and relevant sources.

Assessment Structure

In order for your plan to meet the assessment guidelines, you are advised to structure your report as follows:

  • Introduction: an overview of the chosen organisation/brand (from the list on page 4).
  • Insight
    • Market analysis. Identify the most important factors and key issues facing the category/industry. Marks for this summarised review will be awarded for knowledge, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.
    • Brand/Organisational impact.  Identify the most important factors and key issues facing the brand/organisation. Marks for this summarised review will also be awarded based on knowledge, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.
  • In order to complete this task you will need to gather comprehensive research on the marketplace within which the organisation operates. This is likely to involve analysis of the macro-environment, micro-environment and target audience as well as publicly available organisational/brand data.
  • Supporting analysis and research should be included within an appendix, however no marks are awarded for this.
  • Marketing objective: one SMART marketing objective
  • Marketing Strategy: Identify and justify a proposed marketing strategy. An outline of your target consumer.
  • Marketing Mix: (7 Ps) proposed to achieve the objective and strategy.
  • Control – Monitoring and Measurement: How the plan will be monitored and measured.
  • Conclusion.
  • Critical Reflection: Reflection which critically assesses the difference between marketing planning in theory and practice.
  • References: Using UWE Harvard format. You are required to use marketing and marketing planning principles to underpin your work and cite your sources throughout.
  • Appendices
  • Effective use of appendices will be necessary. Models should be included here and not in the main body. If you are unclear on how to use appendices within a report please contact the Study Skills team.

Key Reference Sources

There is no core text however you are expected to read widely and a range of reference sources are identified on the module reading list on Blackboard. These include:

  • Dibb, S. and Simkin, L. (2008) Marketing Planning A Workbook for Marketing Managers. London: Cengage Learning
  • Kapferer, JN. (2008) The new strategic brand management: creating and sustaining brand equity long term, 4th ed. London: Kogan Page
  • Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., Harris, L., Piercy, N. (2017) Principles of Marketing; European Edition, 7th Ed, Essex: Pearson
  • Lehmann, D. and Winer, R. (2008) Analysis for Marketing Planning. 7th ed. New York: McGraw Hill Education
  • McDonald, M. (2017) Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning: understanding marketing planning and strategy, 2nd ed. London: Kogan Page.
  • Wood, M. B. (2013) Essential Guide to Marketing Planning.  3rd ed. Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall
  • Useful Journal Publications: European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing. Students should also read trade journals, such as Marketing and Marketing Week.
  • You should also be sourcing from market reports and other credible information sources

List of Organisations

Please choose a brand from the list below:

  • Fitbit: Wearable technology. The brand offers a range of products within the portfolio.
  • Vitabiotics: Vitamins and supplements. The UKs No.1 vitamin brand with ‘wellman’, ‘wellwoman’ and ‘perfectil’ among its range.
  • Weetabix: Breakfast cereal. The UKs No 1 breakfast cereal brand.
  • Chanel: Fragrance. Iconic French luxury brand. Ranges for both men and women.
  • Placement organisation: if you have an agreed placement you can write your marketing plan based on this organisation. This can only be approved by the module leader and failure to seek this approval will result in an automatic module fail. Evidence of the secured placement will be required.


Please use the following file format(s): Word or pdf. We cannot ensure that other formats are compatible with markers’ software and cannot guarantee to mark incorrect formats.

All work should be word processed in 12-point Arial font and single spaced. All pages must be numbered. Appendices should be clearly identified.

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