Module Code:

Module Title: Corporate Events                                         

Assessment Component: Component B

Assessment Weighting: 60 per cent of total module mark

Marking and feedback deadline (20 working days): 4th June 2022

N.B. all times are 24-hour clock, current local time (at time of submission) in the UK

Assessment Instructions

Assessment Instructions


You have been commissioned by the magazine “Special events”, for their upcoming special edition themed ‘Corporate Events Insights’. They have asked you to write a feature article on “Current Issues in Corporate Events”. The magazine readership is primarily comprised of event and corporate meetings professionals, as well as a wider hospitality sector audience. 

Your article should explore ONE current issue currently being experienced by the corporate event sector. It should highlight the scope of the international corporate events industry in terms of scale and size, product offerings and innovation in design. It should analyse how these factors satisfy the varied requirements of the corporate event traveller. Your article should draw upon appropriate theory, terminology and examples selected from event practices at an international level.

The article should be a maximum of 1500 words. It should contain visual materials, which may include supporting pictures or graphics (appropriately referenced). The magazine is printed on A4-sized paper so the layout of your article should conform to that size. 

In order to complete the assessment, you will need to consider:

  • The size and scope of the international corporate events industry 
  • Clearly identify the current issue and why it is determined to be a current issue
  • How the industry is currently handling the identified current issue or how it could handle the current issue
  • How the market is likely to change, and how the sector should best respond to make the most of these changes. 
  • Identify any examples of best practice.

Your audience is an informed, professional one therefore, you are expected to deal with complex issues and explain these in a simple, straightforward way. Your writing must be authoritative and informative. 

Marking Criteria 

See appendix A for the criteria that will be used in evaluating this assessment.


Please use the following file format(s): Word document (either with a .doc or a .docx extension). We cannot ensure that other formats are compatible with markers’ software and cannot guarantee to mark incorrect formats.

All work should be word processed in 12-point font and double spaced. Please ensure your first page contains your student number and your word count.

Word Limit

The maximum word limit for this coursework is 1,500. There is no +/- 10% on word count and anything after the maximum word count will not be marked, in line with UWE Bristol’s Word Count Policy.

  • In line with UWE policy, this word count includes everything in the main body of the text (including headings, tables, citations, quotes, lists, etc.).
  • The references, bibliography and footnotes (provided footnotes only include references) are NOT included in this word count.

Appendix A: Assessment criteria

Quality and Grade/   Grading Criteria     Knowledge and understanding of identified issues (30%) Research and enquiry (30%)   Critical Analysis and justification (30%)  Visual presentation and structure (10%) 
                        A:  Excellent (70% +)Excellent demonstration of knowledge and understanding of identified industry issues.  Excellent application of theory to practice demonstrating originality.  The discussion is well supported and a wide range of sources have been consulted. Excellent critical synthesis of the findings that informs valid and original recommendations.    Excellent level of critical discussion and synthesis of ideas demonstrating originality, depth, and breadth of understanding.  The structure, written English, and Harvard referencing are excellent. There are no grammatical, spelling or typographical or referencing errors. Visually stimulating presentation of document.
B:  Very good (65% – 69%)                           B:  Good (60% – 64%)  A very good/good identification of identified industry issues.Very good/good application of theory to practice.  The discussion is well supported though the occasional citation may be missing. A very good/good range of sources have been consulted. Very good/good synthesis of the findings that informs valid recommendationsVery good/good level of critical discussion and synthesis of ideas.    The structure, written English, and Harvard referencing are very good/good.  However, there may be minor errors relating to structure /grammar /spelling/referencing/  typography. Presentation was visually interesting.
C:  Competen t (55% – 59%)                              C:  Adequate (50% – 54%)  Identification of the identified industry issues is competent/adequateCompetent/adequate application of theory to practice.  There may be a lack of references in places.  The reference list provided is adequate but not extensive. Attempts to synthesise findings to draw a valid conclusion and offers some critique.  Some recommendations are offered but these could perhaps be enhancedCompetent/adequate attempt to provide critical discussion and synthesise ideas.  The structure, written English, and Harvard referencing are competent/adequate.  Howev er, there may be errors/omissions evident. Presentation was interesting.
D:  More work needed (40% – 49%)                                   Basic identification of the identified industry issues.   Theory may be present but may be disjointed rather than synthesised.  There may be a lack of references to support.  The reference list provided is likely to be limited both in terms of the number and quality of the sources listed.  The conclusion summarises the report.  The recommendations have little link to the  findingsSome attempts made to provide critical discussion although this is limited.  Greater synthesis of ideas possible.  The structure/                           writing/ referencing require development.  There are a number of errors or omissions evident.   Presentation was not very visually interesting.    
Fail:      0-39%  The identification of the identified industry issues. area is largely absent.The conclusion is brief and limited in scope/not provided.  The recommendations are not linked to the findings and/or are not logical/no recommendations are made.  The report is overly descriptive and lacks synthesis.  The structure/                           writing/ referencing fall below the threshold standard/there may be no citations provided. Presentation lacked visual stimulation.

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