Look at the example PDF file posted under this week’s module.

The Cost Analysis and Revenue Analysis are both worth 25 points each.

The Balancing the Budget, Review and Final Analysis is worth 25 points.  (75 points total)

Due dates are listed in Canvas.

Cost Analysis/ Revenue Streams Assignment Details:

  1. Go to this website:  http://cafidatabase.knightcommission.org/
  • Click “FBS” at the top and then click on any conference. Scroll down and pick any institution within that conference. Name the Conference and Institution in the header of your spreadsheet. Go to the Institution’s profile and see the listed expenses for this school’s athletic department. (For the Revenue assignment, do the same but with the revenue streams listed).
  • Create a budget in the format of the example in the book and/or on Canvas using the figures from the Knight Commission website. Create your own categories for the section marked “other expenses” and “other revenue.” List those sub-headings in separate rows like the example shows. There should be dollar amounts assigned to each sub-heading under the “OTHER” category.
  • Next, do the same thing but this time pick an FCS team (from any conference). Name the FCS school on your worksheet.

In the end, you are comparing the Revenue and Expense Budgets of an FBS school to that of an FCS school. 

Balancing the Budget and Analysis:

To be typed in WORD and submitted via Canvas. 

  • FBS School: List the final revenue and expense numbers. Do the math to determine if this school is making money or losing money (Balance the Budget).
  • FCS School: List the final revenue and expense numbers. Do the math to determine if this school is making money or losing money (Balance the Budget).
  • Analyze the overall budgets of both institutions. Write a paragraph for each on your thoughts from an administrator’s perspective on the management of money. What do you notice is being done well? What seems to be in excess or not working for the program? What would you change?
  • Next, compare the budgets of the FBS school and the FCS school and write a paragraph on the comparison. What did you learn? Were you surprised at the budgets of either institution and where the money is being spent or earned? Compare and Contrast the two schools. Do you think it is fair for them to compete against each other in various sports? Why or Why not? What did you learn from this assignment?

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