The following codes are worth 1 point off: EC (errores comunes)

In           Adición Innecesaria (unnecessary addition)

T            Tiempo verbal (verbal tense) Incorrect choice of verbal tense                                                   

CV          Concordancia verbal (verbal agreement) The verbal ending does not match the sentence subject; you did not conjugate the verb; or you conjugated a verb that needs to be an infinitive.

PI           Palabra inadecuada (incorrect word) The word–noun, verb, adjective, adverb, article, etc.—you used is not good in this sentence. Find another one.

O            Omisión innecesaria (unnecessary omission) Something is missing here

/             Separar o unir (separate or join)

Rev        Revisar esta palabra o expresión (review this word or expression) The word or expression you used is being used incorrectly. Check your textbook or a dictionary. Make sure word category is correct: noun, verb, adjective, etc. If more than one word has been underlined, please re-write)

Ac          Problemas con el acento de esta palabra  (Accent writing problem) An accent mark is missing, it has been misplaced, or you just didn’t have to write it at all.

Pun        Revisar la puntuación (Review Spanish punctuation) Review Spanish capitalization, missing or unnecessary commas. You might be following English comma conventions rather than Spanish punctuation.

Red        Muy redundante (Redundant) Try using pronouns, re-writing the sentence. You might be writing too many subjects. These abound in English, not in Spanish.

Ort         Ortografía (Spelling)

x             Corrección necesaria (Necessary correction) The correction is being given to you. Just take it!

CA          Concordancia artículo-adjetivo-sustantivo (article-adjective-noun agreement) In Spanish, all         the words in a noun phrase (around a noun) show the noun’s gender and number.

OS          Orden sintáctico (word order) The underlined word or sentence part must be somewhere else in the sentence.

OI          Oración incompleta (Incomplete sentence) Your sentence is truncated.

Con       Falta un conector o conjunción (A connecting or transition word missing here) You wrote two simple sentences that would look better if you join them to make them a single compound sentence. Review Spanish conjunctions.

P            Párrafo(Paragraph) You could have started a new paragraph here.

The following codes are worth more points off:

Ref.       Reformular (Re-write) This code is 5 points off.

EXI         Expresión inadecuada posiblemente originada por traducción directa del inglés (Incorrect expression likely resulting from a literal translation from English) Your Spanish resembles your English too much. This is not how you say it in Spanish. Check your textbook or a dictionary for the correct word or expression. This code is 5 points off.

PD         Palabra desconocida (Unknown word) You are not allowed to make up new words or expressions in Spanish. Check your textbook or a dictionary for the correct word or expression. This code is 10 points off.

?            ¿Qué? (What?) I can’t understand what you are trying to say. This code is 10 points off.

*            This code is used together with one of those above to indicate that only 1 point has been taken off. The structure, as you used it, is questionable, but native speaker do it too. 

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