Research “Corporate Finance” and “Project Finance”

After you have become familiar with the topics, you will write four paragraphs:

  1. The first paragraph will introduce the purpose of financing in the context of getting money to start a project. This is the money that will be used as the initial large CAPEX of a project that we’ve been talking about during the course. Think about long-term, self-funded infrastructure projects and the ways they are usually funded. Recommended length: 250 words.
  2. Describe what corporate finance is and what the key elements are associated with small and large projects when it comes to corporate financing. Recommended length: 250 words.
  3. Describe what project finance is and how it is relevant to funding and
    delivering large infrastructure projects. Why do we use it, and why? Recommended length: 250 words.
  4. Compare corporate and project finance, strengths, limitations and application of these two concepts. Some areas of comparison you might want to consider:
    a. Organisation and associated costs and complexity
    b. Project control and investor involvement in decision making
    c. Allocation of risk
    d. Financial flexibility/complexity etc.
    Recommended length: 450 words.

Please do not copy/paste definitions. Use your own words to describe your understanding.
A comprehensive response to all questions, integrating related concepts and ideas, offering own views and conclusions. Commentary and descriptions clearly show the evidence of extensive research being conducted, including relevant examples.
The work includes evidence of deeper thinking, extending the answer beyond the set questions by linking it with other (relevant) topics.
Please cite at least 6 sources.

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