The following questions are based on assigned textbook readings. Answer each question as completely as possible. Be sure to proofread your work carefully for correct spelling, grammar, and usage.

Creative thinking and your own wording are important aspects of an effective answer. Do not merely copy sentences or paragraphs from the readings. However, you should use ideas from the readings if they support your answer. When you do, be sure to acknowledge the source of the quotation or paraphrase.

  1. All citizens are said to engage in what John Locke called the social contract. What is the social contract and how does it relate to American government? [MO1.1]
  2. The Constitution states limits on the powers of the national government. What type of governmental system does this reflect? What is the role of state government? Why are there limits on federal power? [MO1.3]
  3. Democracy is the name for the form taken by American government. Some other countries have oligarchic or autocratic governments. Describe and define each, and list the major differences. With regard to democracy, discuss the difference between direct and representative democracy. [MO1.2]
  4. Explain in what ways the Constitution is an improvement over the Articles of Confederation. In addition, explain why the Constitution is referred to as a living document. [MO1.2]
  5. Discuss the Great Compromise and identify the feature of today’s American government that the Great Compromise resulted in. [MO1.2]
  6. Another core value in American political culture is liberty. How does the Constitution protect individual liberty? List some examples. [MO1.1]
  7. The Constitution lists a clear separation of powers. Describe this separation of powers. What was this separation intended to accomplish? [MO1.2, MO1.3]
  8. Discuss and define the terms unfunded mandates and general revenue sharing. Are these positives or negatives? [MO1.3]
  9. What are enumerated and implied powers? To whom do they apply? What are reserved powers, and to whom do they apply? Why was it important to differentiate between these powers? How does dual federalism relate to this discussion? [MO1.3]
  10. Despite constitutional power limits, the national government possesses many tools for controlling the actions of the states through fiscal means. Describe some of the ways, and include devolution, cooperative federalism, and dual federalism. [MO1.3]

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