Before, during, and after another group session, you notice the following. Which of them are concerning? Why?

Top of Form

Outside, you see Brea and Valeria smoking what looks like a joint before coming in.


Brea and Valeria sit next to each other, edging their chairs close together. When others are sharing, they often elbow each other and whisper comments.


At one point, Kaz interrupts Valeria and Brea’s chatter and tells them to “Shut up, lesbos.”


You overhear Jade tell Maricela that she saw Brea and Valeria at party last weekend, and they were “more than just friends if you know what I mean. I’m pretty sure they hooked up.”


You talk with Scott about your concerns regarding Valeria and Brea’s behavior as well as what Kaz said. He asks you how you would address it. He reminds you that in SFBT group, leaders have the tasks of setting limits, establishing group rules, informing members of their rights and responsibilities, and protecting members. In particular, he notes that as the leader, he disavows the role of expert, preferring a more collaborative stance.

This session is over. You can return to the calendar with the button in the lower right or to the course.

Discussion 10.3: Group Therapy, Part 3 [Interactive]

Points: 20



You are attending some more of the SFBT sessions Links to an external site.; select “Which Track are They On?” and “Concerning Behavior” in the calendar. After you complete the sessions, return here to participate in the discussion.

If you were the group leader, how would you address the co-mingling and bigotry? Will you address Brea and Valeria separately, together, or within the group? Will you talk to Kaz by himself? Create a 3- to 8-minute video addressing the individuals and/or the group. (Do not include slides; you do not have a projector available at the meeting space.)

In addition, explain in text why you chose to address the individuals and/or the group.

Please see Kaltura for Presentations for instructions on how to record and embed a video.

Post your original response by the end of (date). Embed your 5- to 8-minute video in your initial post. If you wrote a script, include that, but it is not required. Then, by the end of (date), respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

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