Question 1 (return to instructions after answering)

For each of the three examples of secondary sexual characters you included in the PowerPoint Workbook, explain (1 sentence per example), why the character might be considered ‘detrimental’.

Question 2

Give the definition of sexual selection.

Question 3 (return to instructions after answering)

In 50 words, explain how the idea of differential mating success helps explain how detrimental secondary sexual characters are maintained in natural animal populations.

Case study 1: the guppy

Question 4 (return to instructions after answering)

Similarly to the breakdown for body colouration, explain in 4 bullet points of 30 words or less each the 4 key ingredients for the evolution of female mate choice (hint: use what you learnt from computer practical 1).

Question 5

Looking at the graph you created, does the data collected from 30 female guppies in a dichotomous choice test support or refute the hypothesis that female mate choice is a key driver of the evolution and maintenance of bright body colouration in male guppies? Explain why in 70 words or less, also touching of why graphs are important but cannot give the provide a full representation of data.

Question 6

Using the concepts learnt in Computer practical 1, how could you test the hypothesis that female guppies that mate with colourful males will produces more numerous offspring that are better at foraging than offspring produced when mating with drab males? Keep in mind that females can mate many times during their life. Keep your answer to 150 words or less.

Question 7 (return to instructions after answering)

Copy and paste here the figure you have produced. Practice writing a figure caption, following the suggestions given in the instructions. The caption should be kept short, 50-70 words.

Case study 2: Birds of paradise

Question 8

Copy here the screen shot of the design of the experiment that you have produced to test your hypothesis. What elements did you include to finalise the design? Explain why in one sentence.

Question 9 (return to instructions after answering)

What is the chosen sample size, and how long did you observe the female for? In a couple of sentences, explain why you choose this sample size and why it is important.

Question 10

Copy and paste here the figure you have produced, and practice writing a figure caption following the suggestions given in the instructions. The caption should be kept short, 50-70 words.

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