Complete the Comprehensive Exam Section II. This is the second of 5 parts of the comprehensive exam you will complete over your three internship courses.

Write an essay with a minimum of 3 pages to address the scenario and question below.

Assume that you have created an initial vision and strategic plan for teaching and learning in a school setting of your choice (i.e., elementary, middle, or high school). Explain how you would communicate this shared vision and strategic plan to your stakeholders (e.g., teachers, board, community, parents, or even students when appropriate). How would you use research-based theories and philosophical factors (e.g., leadership style and change management theories) to lead and manage change processes to implement the strategic plan? Create a proposal for implementing, supervising, and evaluating the strategic plan.

Cite the appropriate peer-reviewed research and educational theories to support your response.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

Bottom of Form

Communication of Shared Vision and Strategic Plan

25% of total grade


Response clearly described how the shared vision and strategic plan will be communicated to each of the four stakeholder groups (and students when appropriate). The communication plan clearly stressed the elements of the vision and strategic plan which focus on teaching and learning.

Use of Research-Based Theory and Philosophical Factors

25% of total grade


Response clearly applied specific research-based theories and philosophy directly related to leading and managing change.





Implementation, Supervision, and Evaluation of the Strategic Plan

20% of total grade


Response clearly detailed a proposal for implementing, supervising, and evaluating the strategic plan. The proposal clearly provided at least one specific element to implement, two specific elements to supervise, and one specific element to evaluate the strategic plan.

90 – 100


5% of total grade


The essay listed a minimum of 4 relevant references (2 being peer-reviewed) according to APA guidelines.

Aligned Educational Theory

10% of total grade


At least 1 educational theory was clearly aligned to the response throughout the essay.

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