Writer: Please read all the FOLLOWING reading materials provided (First, Second, Third, and Fourth Reading Materials & Please review this is VERY IMPORTANT: Compare Cloud Models Exercise Instructions) to answer the questions below. This assignment doesn’t need to be an essay format style answer. This assignment format just simply needs to be questions and answers style.

Appendix A: PAAS, SAAS, IAAS Comparison

  1. What specific cloud services do you envision using as part of your cloud computing strategy? List the service and describe its overall function (i.e., what your organization will use it for) and which service model (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) it falls into.
  2. For each service or component listed, provide a specific list of AWS-provided and customer-provided security responsibilities. It is acceptable to group selected AWS services with similar security responsibilities.
  3. What do you estimate the monthly cost will be for each service you have selected?
    • For example, if you selected S3 as one of your storage solutions, what is the monthly cost estimate for storage and transfer? You will need to make some assumptions regarding how much data you want to store. You could also provide a range of storage options from 1GB growing to 100TB. Provide tables or graphic visualizations showing your estimates.
    • You will need to provide similar analyses and calculations for database or other storage options, EC2 instances, and other cloud tools associated with a cost.
    • Discuss estimated machine size requirements: t2.micro, t2.xlarge, or GPU instances while considering auto scaling and other cloud features.

Use the AWS pricing calculator (https://calculator.aws/) to estimate a monthly cost for each of the services you envision using as part of your cloud strategy

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