You will develop a proposed public health nursing intervention to meet an identified need and/ or gap based on the list below and using data found for your individual community (county).   You will frame the paper within the elements of the nursing process (Assess/ Identify/ Plan/ Implement / Evaluate).

You will be assigned one of the Health Issues for your Population Intervention Paper:

  1. Disabilities- STROKE (education including early signs and symptoms & risk factors, post stroke rehab, Lee Health hospital system using NIHSS, TPA administration, neuro hospital is Gulf Coast)

The intervention must be focused on the community/ population (not individual patient/family) within your own community (Lee County – Fort Myers Florida)

This must be within the scope of the Tier 1 staff level public health/ community health nurse. (Note: you cannot propose building facilities, developing a large program, expanding mental health care, or purchasing a mobile health van).  Please refer to the QUAD COUNCIL Competencies for Community/ Public Health Nurses. to an external site..  

The following topics must be covered in the paper.  You are a PHN/CHN in a local health department (Lee County – Fort Myers Florida). 

The intervention is a one-time four (4) hour event held at a location (grocery/drug store, park or appropriate to the topic) and is not repeated.

  1. Introduction – the identified need and a summary of relevant data that supports the need, its relevance to public health nursing practice as summarized from your data collected.
  2. Proposed Intervention – description of intervention – evidence/ research/ literature to support and at what level(s) of prevention is the This must be at the Tier 1 Community/ Public Health Nurse competencies. You need a specific objective for the event that will be reflected in your measurable goal. Develop the initiative as a one-day health event in a local grocery/ drug store area – what level of prevention
  3. Resources required – stakeholders and how to involve, financial costs estimated not to exceed $500 and how you will obtain other requirements like facilities, locations, persons, The $500 funding is being provided by your agency and can’t exceed that amount.
  4. Implementation plan including a timeline- specifically the steps in the actual implementation.
  5. Specific Evaluation method(s) to assess the effectiveness of the This should be a SMART goal with a specific goal and how to evaluate the goal. The evaluation method must be a specific measurable criterion, reflecting the objective of your event.
  6. Reflection on your individual learning from the completion of the project. Include how this has or will impact your professional practice at this point in your career or in the future.

Product is 6-8 page paper excluding title page and references including a handout advertising the event and services provided.

APA format is required

References must include:

Includes at least 5 references from current peer reviewed nursing journals and /or textbook or reliable education, government, or organizational website.

 textbook ISBN 978-1-9751-2304-8

          Community and Public Health Nursing

          Rector and Stanley 2022

can send grading rubric if needed

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