In this chapter, you have a chance to review topics in communication, public opinion, management, and PR research. I believe these topics are relevant to COVID-19. Regardless of your home country, state, or city/town you live in, the virus has had an impact on your personal, business, and educational lives. We have seen good, bad, and ugly messages and consequences. We’ve seen many instances of good – people providing medical and emergency care, food, and supplies. We’ve seen some people staying home making face masks. Grocery store workers are in the front lines providing a vital service, risking their health so that we can buy food and supplies. Teachers at all educational levels adapting to challenging online classrooms. And, I’m sure there are many more good examples. We’ve also seen the bad, police brutality, peaceful marches turned into riots and looting, people refusing to wear masks and social distance. Businesses, especially restaurants that had to permanently close. We’ve also seen misinformation spread from those we’re supposed to trust. 

Looking at the positives, after this crisis has ended, or at least eased, what do you think businesses have learned from this crisis? Besides the need to stock up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer, what have you learned from this pandemic? How do you think this crisis has impacted the profession of public relations? Please feel free to answer one or all of the above.

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