Introduction to the paper (1/4 page)
Describe and explain, in your own words, the purpose of the code of ethics (1 paragraph)
Apply the Code of Ethics to professional practice: Explain and discuss two specific examples of how the Code of Ethics could be used to guide you in your future role in healthcare. Also include a discussion of which provision(s) of the Code applies to each example and how the provision(s) applies. 2 paragraphs for each example; at least 500 words per example.
Using chapter 2 of the Campbell Text, identify two ethical principles or theories and examine how each is reflected in the Code of Ethics. Describe each principle or theory and explain how Each is reflected in the Code, identifying the relevant provision/s. 2 paragraphs for each principle/theory; at least 300 words for each principle/theory.
Summary or conclusion to the paper (1/4 page)

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