Conduct an online search for two different EHR Software Solutions (e.g., eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Cerner, Allscripts, Athena Health, GE Healthcare, Epic, Care360, practice fusion, OPTUMInsight, NEXTGEN, etc.).

  • Briefly describe the selected EHR software solutions. Include three features of each software in the description.
  • Compare and contrast the benefits of the two selected EHR software solutions.
  • Select an EHR software solution that is best suited for your workplace environment. Identify the workplace environment (hospital, stand-alone private practice, etc.) and provide your rationale for the selected software.
  • Please read the question carefully to understand all the components. Then respond in a scholarly manner following the Graduate Discussion Grading Guidelines and Rubric while adhering to APA guidelinesOur interactive discussion addresses the following course outcomes:
  • CO 1: Assess the impact of informatics and information technology on organizational systems, change, and improvement. (PO6) (DNP Essentials II, IV; DNP/C: I-III); (PO7) (DNP Essentials IV; DNP/C: I-III).
  • CO 2: Use information technology to collect and analyze data to generate evidence-based nursing practice across healthcare settings. (PO7) (DNP Essentials IV; DNP/C: I-III)
  • CO 3: Design programs that monitor and evaluate outcomes of care, care systems, and quality improvement. (PO7) (DNP Essentials IV; DNP/C: I-III)
  • CO 4: Evaluate the types of healthcare information systems, knowledge-based systems, and patient care technology and the impact on patient safety, quality of care and outcome measurement. (PO7) (DNP Essentials IV; DNP/C: I-III).
  • As you think about the topic, consider your own experience with the clinical information system implementation process. What worked? What was the system lacking? What was the impact on the daily work environment and patient care? What would help you best today?

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