1. Clinical Aptitude Proficiency Evaluation (CAPE) will be done online via Teams.  Each student will have an individual session with FNP faculty that will last 20-30 minutes.
  2. The purpose of the CAPE is to assess each student’s history-taking, critical thinking, and diagnostic reasoning skills.
  3. This will be similar to when you see a patient in the clinic, except there will not be a patient to assess.  Instead, you will utilize a simulation mannequin in the JSU simulation lab as your patient. Your course faculty and SIM mannequin patient will verbalize the requested physical exam findings to the student.
  4. Students may use a blank SOAP template to jot down notes throughout the CAPE.  If students prefer a SOAP format other than the one used in this course, students may use their own.  No written submission is required.
  5. During the CAPE, the student will obtain a history, as done in the clinic. 
  6. For the physical exam, the student will ask the mannequin about symptoms and receive those responses. The clinical instructor will respond with assessment findings.
  7. The student will formulate an assessment and plan, including ordering tests or other lab work and prescribing medications.  The student will verbalize these items rather than submit them in writing.  The clinical instructor will notify the student of the results of any ordered tests.
  8. Only when formulating the assessment and plan, may students use a phone or tablet with clinical resources, such as Lexi-Comp and Epocrates.
  9. After completing the case, the clinical instructor will end the scenario. The student will self-evaluate their performance on the grading rubric below and submit it to the Canvas assignment. Once submitted, the faculty member will review the self-evaluation, provide feedback to the student, and assign a final grade.
  10. Each student must make an 80% to successfully pass the assignment.

Clinical Aptitude Proficiency Evaluation (CAPE) Rubric

  • History: 10 points total
    • 10 points: Obtains all elements of history
    • 5 points: Obtains partial history
    • 0 points: Does not obtain any history
  • Review of Systems: 10 points total
    • 10 points: Completes thorough ROS
    • 5 points: Completes partial ROS
    • 0 points: Does not complete ROS
  • Vital Signs: 5 points total
    • 5 points: Performs VS
    • 0 points: Does not perform VS
  • Physical Exam: 15 points total
    • 15 points: Performs PE that is appropriate for patient (must include CV and Respiratory)
    • 10 points: Performs incomplete PE OR only assesses CV or respiratory (rather than both)
    • 5 points: Performs inadequate PE OR does not address CV or Respiratory
    • 0 Points: Omits PE
  • Lab-work and Testing: 10 points
    • 10 points: Orders all pertinent diagnostics
    • 5 points: Only orders some of the pertinent diagnostics
    • 0 points: Omits diagnostics
  • Assessment: 15 points
    • 15 points: Correctly identifies all diagnoses and makes adjustments to uncontrolled diagnoses; correctly identified each diagnosis as stable/ unstable and new/ established; identifies 3 differential diagnoses for any new diagnosis
    • 10 points: Correctly identifies all diagnoses but does not make adjustments to uncontrolled diagnosis OR does not correctly identify stable/ unstable or new/ established OR does not list DDs for new diagnoses
    • 5 points: Does not correctly identify all diagnoses
    • 0 points: Omits assessment
  • Plan: 15 points
    • 15 points: Orders appropriate therapy; follows clinical standards and guidelines
    • 10 points: Partially orders appropriate therapy OR does not follow appropriate standards and guidelines
    • 5 points: Formulates incomplete plan
    • 0 points: Omits Plan
  • Follow-Up: 10 points
    • 10 points: Schedules follow-up within appropriate time frame
    • 5 points: Schedules follow-up outside of appropriate time frame
    • 0 points: Does not schedule follow-up
  • Debriefing Session: 10 points
    • 10 points: Accepts feedback and is actively involved in discussion
    • 0 points: Does not accept feedback or is not involved in discussion

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