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Spring 2020

To get credit on this problem set, you must show work and use the dimensional analysis technique shown in lecture.

  1. How many moles are each of the following?
    1. 3.17 x 1022 atoms of C
  • 2.891 x 1024 molecules SO2
  • How many atoms or molecules are in the following? (a)  6.75 mol of Li
  • 0.0124 mol of CH2O
  • 12.0 g of Au
  • 76 g KF
  • What is the mass in grams of the following atoms or molecules? (a)  Al is 8.9 x 1021 atoms

(b)  3.05 x 1025 molecules of CH3OH

  • Answer the following short questions about Dalton’s Law and Graham’s Law?
    • What gas diffuses faster and which gas diffuses the slowest: O2, Ar, or CH4?
  • The total pressure of the mixture of He, Xe, and Ar is 875 torr. What is the partial pressure of Ar if the partial pressure of Xe is twice that of He and the partial pressure of He is 125 torr?
  • At constant temperature, a sample of 6.0 L of O2 at 3.0 atm is compressed until the volume decreases to 2.5 L. What is the new pressure (in atm)?
  • What is the volume (in mL) of a gas at 34.22 C if it occupies 78.09 mL at 98.18C?
  • What is the pressure (in mmHg) of a gas at -18.5 °C if its pressure is 549 mmHg at 23.8 °C? 
  • A sample of N2 gas occupies a volume of 375 mL at 25°C and 817 torr. If the volume is increased to 525 mL at 675 torr, what is the new temperature in degrees Celcius?
  • A sample of Ar gas occupies a volume of 1.2 L at 125°C and 1.0 atm. What would the pressure (in atm) of this gas be if the volume was 2.3 L at 57°C?  
  1. What is the temperature, in degrees Celsius, of 1.50 moles of neon (Ne) gas confined to a volume of 2.50 L at 855 torr?
  1. Calculate the volume, in liters, of 15.0 g of O2 gas at 82.19°C and 2.00 atm. 
  1. At what the pressure, in atmospheres, that O2 gas at 75°C has a density of 2.00 g/L?

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