Chapter 20 Questions. Answer all four questions.
20.1 How did college and university education change around the turn of the century?
20.2 How did the work of Charles Darwin affect the disciplines of both law and history?
20.3 Explain the influence of realism in culture at the turn of the century by drawing
from at least three different examples in art or literature.
20.4 Explain the advantages and dangers of the philosophy of pragmatism.
Chapter 21 Questions. Choose four questions to answer.
21.1 Describe the state of national politics between 1876 and 1896.
21.2 What was the nature of the compromise proposed by Booker T. Washington at the
Atlanta Exposition in 1896 and why did he propose this kind of compromise?
21.3 How were city bosses serving members of their community and how were they
exploiting them?
21.4 Why did the Populist movement rise up in the later 1880s?
21.5 Explain the role currency politics played in the election of 1896.
Chapter 22 Questions. Choose four questions to answer.
22.1 What were the roots of the progressive movement in the late nineteenth century?
22.2 Explain how progressives sought to reform state government.
22.3 Explain President Theodore Roosevelt’s approach toward trusts.
22.4 What caused the breakup of the Republican Party during the Taft administration?
22.5 How did Woodrow Wilson’s progressivism differ from that offered in Theodore
Roosevelt’s program of New Nationalism?
Chapter 23 Questions. Choose four questions to answer.
23.1 Explain what ‘imperialism’ is and explain how Americans justified their own moves
towards imperialism.
23.2 How did the Spanish American War come about and what were its consequences
for America?
23.3 Why did many Americans oppose annexation of the Philippines?
23.4 How did the United States obtain the Panama Canal?
23.5 Why did the United States want to build an Empire in the Pacific?

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