Tonnesha Arletten (she, her, hers), a 15-year-old Black girl, presents to your office with her mom and stepdad.

Mom reports, “Tonnesha here knows better, but we just learned that she’s been vaping, and I know it. I found two packages of vape juice last week in her backpack. At first, she tried to deny they was hers, but then we also found some vape pens and I finally got her to admit to it. And yes, it’s the ones with nicotine.”

Tonnesha shrugs. “Yeah, I’ve been havin’ Xaneya’s older brother buy them for me. I vape mainly on the weekend and sometimes after school. I’ve been vaping since I was 13. It’s cool. I could stop if I wanted to.”

Mom breaks in, “But I don’t think she will without help. What about some patches or gum?”

address the following:

  1. Would Tonnesha meet DSM-5 criteria for nicotine abuse, dependence, or misuse? Why? Use the DSM-5 to support your answer.
  2. What treatments are there for nicotine addiction? What option would be most appropriate for Tonnesha, given her age and use?
  3. Present nicotine education, focusing on vaping, to Tonnesha and her parents in your office. Please include education, treatment, and therapy referrals.
  4. To what extent has vaping/e-cigarettes replaced smoking, particularly for teens?

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