Case Study – Marketing

This is a 3-4 page individual paper. Students will examine and interpret case facts; provide strategic objectives, and recommendations along with rationale and measures of success.  Evaluation will include a review of strategic recommendations referencing course content along with relevant rationale.



Individual: up to 3 pages (no appendices required) – 12 font – double-spaced 

ASSUMPTIONS:  Analysis is based solely on facts in the case and should reflect benefits and risks of your specific recommended marketing strategy (External research is not required).


  1. Problem Definition
    a) Identify the primary business (brand organization)
    b) Define the main strategic problem and distinguish between among related issues

NOTE:     <Define the problem – not the symptoms>

  • Objectives

                  What are the objectives and challenges, the decision-making organization is trying to achieve?

                  NOTE:     <Where they are not apparent or inconsistent, may help identify the problem>

  • Situation Analysis
    a) Define the market

                  – Describe potential users/buyers, influencers, etc.

                  -What size is the market, and how fast is it growing?

                  -Identify specific segments/targets within the market

                  -Is there brand loyalty strength? (View by segment)

                  -What drives buyer behavior?

                  -Identify overall brand positioning strategy (View by segment)

b) Define the competition

                  -Who are the competitors? (both direct and indirect)

                  -How are brand product/service offers differentiated?

                  -Profile the competitor’s customers (what drives their loyalty)

                  -Identify the strengths/limitations of the competitors

                  -Highlight market strategy, and competitive advantages

c) Nature of the market [from the time of the case]

                  -What changes are likely to take place in this market in the next year?                 

  • Business Assumptions
    a) State reasonable assumptions with appropriate rationale

(e.g. marketing trends, consumer behavior, … ) that may impact marketability
b) Indicate limitations of the case (e.g. additional information needed, etc.)

  • Alternative Evaluation (Examine rationale along with benefits and risks/limitations for each)

                  -Identify (up to three) possible courses of action and evaluate each

  • Conclusions/Recommendations

                  -Provide the best solution of the defined problem; select a specific course of action

                  -Indicate why the selected strategy is preferred

                  -Define and measure brand success

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