Case Study Analysis #1:

Go to:

And read these two reports:

“Housing Affordability and Quality: A Community Driver of Health”


“Transportation: A Community Driver of Health”

Carefully consider the reports, then answer the below questions.

  1. a) Identify 5 ways that housing impacts health and 5 potential strategies to improve health through improving housing.

b) Identify 5 ways that transportation impacts health and 5 potential strategies to improve health through improving transportation options.

  • After reading both of the above reports, do you see any similarities and differences in the issues of housing affordability and transportation and how they impact health? How do these issues impact health in central Texas, and what do you think should be done to address affordable housing and transportation in our community? Do you see any root causes that connect these two issues?

Important Considerations:

  • These case studies are about your thoughts and analysis. You do not have to do additional research beyond the information presented in the assignment for the case study (you are of course welcome to if you’d like though). The focus here is on your opinions and critical thinking, not on finding other articles or research to incorporate into your responses.
  • Please turn this assignment in as its own document (instead of answering them here on this guidelines document).
Score: 1 Unacceptable Does not answer question and/or major grammatical errors.Score: 2 Below Expectations) Addresses question but only superficially. Minimal information and/or significant grammatical errors.Score: 3 Average Addresses question, demonstrates insight and ability to discuss. If present, only occasional grammatical errors.Score: 4 Above Average Demonstrates above average insight into question and ability to discuss. Provides additional analysis on topic. Minimal grammatical errors.Score: 5 Exemplary (5 points) Demonstrates exceptional insight into topic and ability to discuss. No grammatical errors.
  • Each question will be scored on a one to five scale according to the following rubric:

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