Spring, 2023

Selected Cases:

      Case 3: Job Analysis and hiring Decisions at Ovania Chemical Company (pp.608 – 611)

      – Cengage Unlimited purchasers also have access to the integrative cases included at the end of the textbook.

      Answer the following questions in order, not ones in the textbook.

  1. What reasons did the selection committee have for selecting only those factors that could not be acquired in a 2-year training program? (100-word limit)
  2. Look at Figure 3.2 and 3.3. Apart from the total cutoff score of 800, what point do you think should be the minimum for critical KSAOs? (200-word limit)
  3. Imagine you are the search committee chair. Based on your decision on cutoff scores, who will be your shortlisted candidates for the final round?  (100-word limit)
  4. Will you be able to defend your decision if a rejected candidate sues you? In other words, is your selection procedure defensible in court? (300-word limit)

Submission Window:

      No early or late submissions allowed.

Word Limit, Format & Proofreading:

                  – The case should be analyzed in approximately 700 words. Papers with less than 500 words or over 900 will receive a five-point penalty.

                  – The report should be written double-spaced, 12 pts, using the Times New Roman with normal margins. If you do not follow the format, five points will be deducted.

                  – Do not use bullet-point styles or number your sentences. Write a report with complete sentences and paragraphs. Do NOT ever submit a one-paragraph paper. You will receive five points total if you do not comply with these very basic rules of writing that third graders learn. If you did not separate paragraphs when you should have, you will also receive penalties.

                  – Avoid using vague pronouns to make your writing clear. Rephrase clearly what you think they refer to. The following examples are from student writing from previous semesters.

“Egan’s Clothier staff established contradictions in their Human Resource practice that if you are seeking to hire experienced individuals then you should not require so much training, thereafter. It presents itself as counterintuitive.”

“Instead of posting feedback daily, they might consider providing feedback on a monthly basis. This gives workers enough time so that the sales process is not rushed. It also opens opportunities for the company to invest in other aspects of the business. This could include going online to lower labor costs.”

                  – All students, whether you are a native speaker or not, MUST install Grammarly and proofread your report. Every typo, basic grammatical error, and punctuation mis- (or non-) use will take off one point each from your score after the second one.

General Advice

NOTE: Blatant disregard for the following pieces of advice will lead to reduction in points per occurrence.

The things you MUST avoid (Don’ts) are as follows:

  1. Do not attach cover pages, headers, footers, appendices, tables or figures.
  2. Do not cite other sources. Do not search for answers on the internet. Do not cite the textbook, either.

        Write your own report as if you were doing it in the classroom with no other recourse except the textbook.

  • Do not make groundless assumptions. Read the case carefully multiple times before you begin to write your paper. Use the facts in the case only and do not fabricate your own facts. If you make an untrue statement, one point will be taken off per each statement.

Examples are as follows:

– The company should not have created this job because it is the wrong decision.

– Training existing employees is cheaper and better than recruiting new employees.

Here are the do’s:

  1. Thoroughly read the case and questions more than twice.

        Stating wrong facts and not answering the question will prevent you from getting good scores.

  • Identify relevant class material from the textbook. Find what terms you should use in the textbook.
  • Use terms and names consistently and correctly. If you address a person as Mr. Smith, keep calling him Mr. Smith. If you prefer Paul, introduce him as Paul. However, it is not okay to switch back and forth between Paul and Mr. Smith. Also, Mr. Paul sounds awkward.
  • Spell out the term first and indicate the abbreviation. Then use the abbreviation afterwards.

E.g., I love the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC is the guardian of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (CRA). The CRA is the cornerstone of equality in American society.

  • Write correct sentences. Grammar software may not catch supra-segmental errors. For example, independent clauses should be connected by a coordinating conjunction, which forms a compound sentence. Dependent clauses cannot constitute a sentence by themselves and must accompany an independent clause with a subordinating conjunction to make a complex sentence. Unfortunately, I have seen many violate these basic rules of writing a sentence. Please use appropriate conjunctions or, if you can, divide your clauses and make them separate sentences. Otherwise, you cannot deliver a clear message to the reader. If you do not follow this rudimentary grammar, your writing cannot be cohesive. In particular, do not write two independent clauses without conjunctions.
  • Write clear paragraphs. One paragraph should have only ONE main idea. Your idea should be stated clearly, not asking the reader to guess what it is. In addition, other sentences in the paragraph should support your main idea. When the paragraph is argumentative, you should provide evidence and reasons for your claim. When your paragraph is descriptive, you should add more flesh to the bone of your main description. If you just list your arguments but fail to provide support for your ideas, or if you say A at the beginning but end with B, your paragraph will not be coherent. If you make several arguments in one sentence each in one paragraph without any support, you will score low.
  • The following sentences are made of frequent grammar errors I see every semester. Check what is grammatically awkward.
  • The professor say we should pay attention of grammars however I do not want to do. Just because, I am a something of maverick. Which mean I am special. She should stop to say that and focus contents of paper.
  • The professor says we should pay attention to grammar, but I do not want to do so. It is just because I am something of a maverick, which means I am special. He should stop saying that and focus on the contents of our papers.
  • Use appropriate transition words. It is the writer’s job to make the writing clear and easy to understand. Indicate whether you are ordering (first, second, third, finally), adding (moreover, additionally, in addition), contrasting (however, on the other hand, in contrast), or reasoning (thus, therefore, so, as a result). Clearly show relationships between sentences or paragraphs.
  • Keep a consistent formal style.
  • Please proofread your writing.

Use Grammarly for this report and other assignments for your own sake.


  1. Do not search for answers on the internet. Do not pay to get answers from study guide websites.
  2. If you copy even one clause verbatim, it is also plagiarism. I will issue you an official warning and penalties depending on the severity of your dishonesty.
  3. As specified in the welcome document, if you plagiarize your assignment, your letter grade will be adjusted.

Final Words:

  1. Try to answer the questions on your own. Have faith in yourself. If you read Chapters 3, 4, 5, & 6, and the case study itself carefully, you can write a decent report.
  2. Again, do not search for answers on the internet. Questions in the textbook are not identical to the ones I provide. Plagiarism will take a heavy toll on your grade.
  3. I do not accept additional explanations of your paper via messages or extenuating circumstances unless they are extraordinary. I grade yours only by what I read.
  4. Ask questions, if you have. I will answer as quickly as possible. Good luck with the assignment. When you send messages, please write complete sentences and be courteous.

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