Case Study Analysis 2 Instructions

This project is an individual project and is worth 10% of your final grade.

Before writing this analysis, make sure you have (i) finished Lesson 7, (ii) read the Porter (2008) paper and (iii) watched the documentary “Beer Wars.”  For this written analysis, you will want to pay special attention to the portion of Porter’s (2008) paper that describes 8 barriers to entry into industries (7 plus retaliation). 

General Directions

Your analysis will consist generally of a discussion of industry barriers to entry and evidence of these barriers that you find in the documentary.  There are only two sections to the analysis and these are described below.  In total, your deliverable should be no more than 1,250 words.  In addition to the instructions on the next page, be sure to listen to the “Writing Tips VOPP” that you covered for the first case analysis. 

Section I—Barriers Defined

Section I is very important but will consist of a minority of the deliverable (maybe 25-35%).  In this section, you will (i) define what barriers to entry are, (ii) discuss why they are important to study, and (iii) choose the barriers that you argue are most important.  This section is basically a thesis or argument section so be convincing. 

Section II—Evidence

Section II will provide evidence from “Beer Wars” for the more abstract arguments made in Section I.  In other words, link the arguments made in Section I to specific evidence in Section II.  For example, if you argued in Section I that Barrier X was very important, make sure to then develop as much evidence from the documentary to include in Section II so that I am convinced of this barrier’s importance.

A NOTE:  In arguing for the barriers that are most important in Section I, make sure you are not including all eight barriers.  Choose the barriers that you “think” are most important.  I have “think” in quotes because you are going to include the barriers that are most prevalent in the beer industry based on watching the documentary.  This may mean that you actually think one of the barriers is quite important in general, but you may have to exclude it because it wasn’t very prevalent in this industry.

Other Instructions

Directions for Grammar, Spelling and References

Format the paper as follows:  1.15 spacing, Times New Roman Font, Block Justification, 12 Font. 

I expect that the paper will be written well, with proper grammar, and will flow logically. 

You are not required to perform any outside research and, therefore, references will not be very important.  However, if you wish to reference something from the article or documentary, please do so by referencing the page number (Example: Porter, page 2) or timing (Example: Beer Wars, 32 minutes).  Don’t feel the need to reference the documentary unless you feel the need as long as you are clear about the examples.

Use sections and sub-sections in your analysis.  Remember that business writing is about being concise.  Don’t make the paper like a Q&A, however.  It should be written in prose with clear sections that guide the reader.  Below are the sections that you should have.  The questions are meant as guides for you so that you know what you should be writing on in each section.  You should label each section as opposed to just having a Roman numeral like I have in the directions. 

Avoid contractions, colloquialisms, and anthropomorphisms.  Part of your responsibility is to listen to the “Writing Tips” voice over Power Point, which will give you the directions that you need to successfully complete this task.

Your grade for this assignment will be based on the following:

Logic and Flow                       20%

Grammar                                 10%

Following Directions              10%

Content                                   40%

Linkages between Sections             20%

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