Case studies are written descriptions of real life situations – “chunks of reality”. The
purpose of the analysis is to help you face rationally a particular situation, to evaluate all
of its aspects, to identify possible courses of action along with predictable results, and to
select the best course of action. Case analyses help linking theory with practice. Some of
the following suggestions might be useful for your analysis:
• There is not one “correct answer” or “correct technique” for any specific case.
• You should read the case more than one time. First, try to find out what is happening?
What are the basic facts? Identify the main characters or key figures, their personality and
relationships and other critical factors. Then try to find the problems to be solved and
issues and areas to be explored.
• Try to consider yourself, if you can, as part of the situation, and solve it from the key
figure perspective.
• If you can’t step into the shoes of any character in the case, try to serve as a
“consultant” and make recommendations.
• You can solve the problem using any model of problem solving you are familiar with,
or follow these stages.

  1 Based on Anderson, A. J. (1981). Problems in library management. Littleton, Colorado. Libraries Unlimited, Inc. 

These points serve only as guidelines for the analysis, but the outcome should be
integrative and coherent. 
1. Identify the main problem in the case, and write it in a question form: how
could/should…? Or what could/should…? Then, describe what the situation
is, who has been asked to do what etc. You may refer to secondary problems
and issues in the case.
2. Identify alternative courses of action, and include all alternative courses of
action, including the wildest possibilities. Then outline the advantages and
disadvantages of the alternatives and its consequences.
3. Selection of the best alternative, and statement of why is it the best? Provide
full justification for the factors and elements that have been taken into
consideration, state clearly why this alternative is the best one. Describe
precisely, how you would implement it. Then, you may rank the other
alternatives from the second best to the worst, and discuss each of them
4. Try to provide references to theories and principles that support your
conclusions (APA style).
Your case analysis should not exceed 4 pages (12 pt double space),

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